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(the former Zigong Dongfang Boiler Valve Co., Ltd.)
was founded in 1969. It was reorganized from Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd. CHINA VALVE (short for CHINA VALVE CO.,LTD. ) is one of the three largest manufacturers and export bases of power equipments in China. It is an enterprise specialized in the design, manufacture, sale, maintenance and testing service of valves for power units, industrial boilers, nuclear valves, petrochemical valves, water distribution valves, bypass system for power stations, pressure and heat reducer and its spare parts forged pieces and heat treatment products. The company's total asset is nearly 200 million Yuan, having won such honors as "High-tech Enterprise in Sichuan Province";, "Technology Center on the Province Level in Sichuan Province"; and "Famous Brand in Sichuan Province";. In 2007, our company's 15 types of products of 600 MW/1000MW- supercritical (ultra supercritical) thermal power units were approved by PCCC, which has been the first in China's valve industry.
To Promote the CHINA VALVE Spirit
And to Establish the National Famous Brand of Valves in China
Over 40 years' efforts have endowed the company the tremendous technological strength. The company's abilities of development and design as well as its technical level rank high among its peers in China. CHINA VALVE has successfully provided such valves as safety valves, gate valves, stop valves and control valves for more than 500 power station boilers of over 10 capacity-levels, ranging from 12 MW to 1,000 MW. Among these valves mentioned above, there are specialized valves for China's first thermal circulation steam drum boiler with the capacity of 1,000 tons per hour. This boiler which was equipped and started working in December of 1985 has won the first prize of National Scientific Progress and the first Gold Prize for quality in the boiler industry; there are also the specialized valves for the China's first large export power units with the capacity of 210 MW to Goudou power station in Pakistan; there are three-way valves for China's first bypass system and "051"; valves for war industry. Cooperating with Japan's Bailey Company, we produced the 361 control valves for the first 600 MW-supercritical thermal power units in China's Qinbei power station.
Our company once provided 172 forging stop valves for the Datang Xiangtan First boiler of a 600 MW-supercritical thermal power unit. These valves have successfully substituted those imported from the Great Britain. What's more, we spent only two weeks in producing these valves since we accepted the task, and then delivered them to the power plant on time, which shows again the company's technical strength and punctuality in producing and delivering products. With the speeding up of the technological innovation, CHINA VALVE has abided by the guidance of "producing, experimenting and developing at the same time"; and adopted multiple ways to increase investment in development, to collaborate with famous universities and to adjust the developing mode. As a result, the development of new products has accomplished great achievements.
The specialized valves for 50 MW-1,000 MW subcritical, supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power units together with the valves for steam turbine bypass system developed by our company are in the top class among the same products both at home and abroad.
Collaborating with Chongqing University and Sichuang Technology College, we have developed the large caliber forging-welding frame valves, achieving the goal of developing in multiple fields.
The hydraulic pressure testing block valves which we have produced for the 600 MW-supercritical and 1000 MW-ultra supercritical thermal power units are of advanced technology and high performance. Made of the new materials called SA217-C12A and SA182-F92, the valves are able to work in the maximum operation temperature of 6100C and under the maximum pressure of 27 Mpa. And the valves are the first innovation in the industry. Having been the successful domestic tenderer for several projects of (ultra) supercritical block valves, in October 2006 CHINA VALVE became the successful tenderer for the first 2x1000 supercritical project in China (namely the project of Block Valves for GUOHUA NINGHAI POWER STATION), and the winning bid amount was over 4 million Yuan.
The level-control valves used in 600 MW-supercritical unit were developed by our own, and we own the complete intellectual property rights. Both the structure and the performance of the valves have met the advanced international standard. The valves are capable enough to work in operating conditions, which is the first in China.
On "Fluid China 2006"; held in Beijing on November 20 to 22, 2006, CHINA VALVE displayed its nearly ten varieties of products including scores of specifications, such as the block valve, the control valve, the steam converting valve and so on. Among these valves, the high-pressure steam adjusting valve for Y964Y steam turbine bypass system and the level control valve for water storage tank of T961Y600MW supercritical unit were awarded the gold prize in this product exposition.
Supported and encouraged by the national spirit, we have never yielded before difficulties. In the industry, we take the initiative to assume the mission of "substituting the imported valves and revitalizing the national brands"; and keep moving towards the summit in the market.
Pursuing the High Quality of Products
In order to Satisfy Our Customers
At present, CHINA VALVE possesses a large number of experts and technicians, who enjoy nationwide fames. The general engineer Sun Weike once led the development of several high-tech products, such as the hydraulic pressure testing block valves. Besides, he also participated in the development of the bypass system with "three-way valves";. In 2005, Mr. Sun has been appointed expert by the boiler technology branch committee of the National Boiler and Pressure Container Standardization Technology Committee. The senior engineer Jing Fanqin, who is a famous expert in national valves industry, once compiled the expertise book Design and Calculation Rules for Temperature-decreasing and Pressure-diminishing Devices. And he has successfully trained a large number of technicians for valve design and technique. The ball expansion wrench and the planetary roller friction reducer invented by Chen Shuguang, the assistant general manager, have been listed in Scientific Achievements of National Valve Industry and have been exhibited throughout the valve-manufacture companies in China. Besides, Chen Shuguang made in the flat gate valve three improvements, which have attained the National Utility Model Patent. Led by some excellent technicians, such as the deputy general engineer Chen Xuefeng, we developed the boiler's whole-spring safety valves and the newly structured steam turbine bypass system. Besides, Mr. Chen holds three utility model patents.
As we know, the power station valves work in high temperature and under high pressure, which requires that the products function safely. Persisting in the ideal of "satisfying customers with best products";, CHINA VALVE has always viewed quality as the foundation for the company's survival and development. Therefore, our products can be outstanding in the power station valve market. The company attaches great importance to the improvement of equipments, and now we have the most advanced manufacturing equipments in the industry. For example, we have CNC lathe, precision lathe, copy lathe, 3T electro-hydraulic hammer and plasma spray welder. The number of these equipments amount to over 100. As a result, we are very capable of machining, forging, welding, heat treatment, nitriding and assembling.
The forging and heat-treatment plant of our company owns the first class technology, equipment and processing ability in the southwest area. We can produce forging parts for the Dongfang Boiler Company. Besides, we are able to provide overall service to forging valves industry efficiently and systematically, which enables us to have a better quality-control system and cost-reduction advantage. This is also in the leading place in China.
Our newly acquired 36T hydrostatic testing pump platform can provide the maximum testing pressure of 120Mpa, and the caliber of testing pressure valve is DN800. This large-scale testing pressure checking equipment features super size, super high pressure and high automation, with its pressure-testing ability ranking first in Asia. It marks that CHINA VALVE has possessed the complete capacity for designing producing and checking the supercritical unit in advance of other domestic companies. In addition, our company keeps establishing and improving the quality management system to strengthen the quality management of the research and development of design, the production, the auxiliary production as well as the product application through carrying out the quality responsibility system involving each staff. Meanwhile, we incorporate the product quality of the companies cooperating with us into this quality management system and implement relevant quality assessment for rewards and punishments. With the continuous quality improvement and breakthrough, we try our best to satisfy and even surpass the requirements and desire of the clients.
As long as you trust CHINA VALVE, we will repay you with 100% satisfaction.
Building a Complete Global Marketing System
To Realize the Non-distance Communication Between Customers and the Company
Establishing a number of after service stations nationwide, CHINA VALVE now has a complete marketing system. And the marketing idea of "offering our customers the considerate and careful service"; has won the approval of our customers. Since its foundation, we have provided a thousand of power plants with our products and service throughout China. Except for Taiwan and Tibet, our products have been sold to almost every provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. What's more, our products have been exported to more than ten countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bengal, Iran, Turkey, India and so on. A complete marketing system has already come into being.
In CHINA VALVE, the principle of "Customers are our Gods"; is not simply a slogan but a belief embedded deeply in the heart of our staff. In order to realize the ideal of "non-distance"; communication with our customers and to help customers to choose the best project for products' distribution, CHINA VALVE attaches great importance to our staff's interpersonal skills and invites professionals to train our staff with specialized knowledge of valves. As a result, a "professional and versatile"; marketing team comes into being, and the relationship between our customers and CHINA VALVE becomes much closer. Meanwhile, the training of our staff enables CHINA VALVE to react to customers' demand quickly and manufacture products flexibly.
In order to perfect our customer service and settle problems for our customers in time by offering the complete services before sale, during sale and after sale, the Customer Service Department was established. To perfect our customer service, CHINA VALVE has assigned a number of experienced technicians to the customer service team. Thus, we can make sure that our service is immediate and precise in case of any emergency. Thanks letters continuously come from our customers. Some customers have said we have established "the special services with CHINA VALVE characteristics"; in the domestic valve industry.
Following the Trend and Inspiring Our Talents
Reform Has Brought CHINA VALVE the Fresh Driving Force
Following the reform trend of separating the branches from the main companies, CHINA VALVE broke away from the former Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd. in 2004. After the reorganization, CHINA VALVE has not only inherited the former company's excellent traditions and manufacture strength, but also made tremendous progress in development, manufacture, quality control, marketing, service and human resources. Therefore, our production value doubles year by year. At the National Conference of the State-owned Large and Medium Enterprises' Reorganization held on July 20, 2006, our board chairman and general manager Peng Zhangping was invited by SASAC to lecture on the reorganization experience.
As to the lecture, Xiong Zhijun, the director of the Distribution Bureau of SASAC has presented a ten-minute comment on it. He firstly approved of CHINA VALVE's reorganization, and then, he praised Mr. Peng as a real enterpriser. He said that it was precious and worthy of learning that a far-sighted private entrepreneur in Zigong has become an investment strategist.
On January 17, 2007, the investigation team leaded by Shao Ning (deputy director of SASAC), Li Yanbin (the deputy chief of the Enterprise Distribution Bureau of SASAC) and Wu Daohuai (the deputy director of the Plan Salary Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security) visited CHINA VALVE and investigated how the non-core business separated from core business of the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises carry out the reform and how they would further such reform after the three-year transition period. Shao Ning praised CHINA VALVE for its performances achieved since the reform, and stated that the government and relevant departments would study relevant policies and measures regarding the current practical problems arising from the separation of core and non-core business and non-core business reformation of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises.


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